Around the Web: faux Doc Savage covers, R.I.P. Kim Manners, and no zombie child left behind (part deux)

Wonderful faux Doc Savage Covers –  If you missed these before, the covers, designed by Keith “Kez” Wilson, are brilliant.

“Shine on Me” Star discusses his newfound cult celebrity – I missed this when it happened last month, but it’s a great interview. Alas, the story the video tells is apparently much different from the story our own blogger, Megan Messinger, had imagined.

Machines beating the Turing Test – I’m not sure 20 volunteers is a large enough sample size to really go by, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

R.I.P. Kim Manners – The prolific director of The X-Files and Supernatural passed away on Sunday. As an obsessive X-Files fan back in the day, I remember his episodes to be superb—tight, well-paced, and masterful. I will miss his work.

Zombie playground print now for sale – The great image we showed back in November has gotten a surge of interest—enough to warrant prints! Pretty fabulous, right?

Video games outsell DVDs and Blu-Ray – I’m sure the result will be that more studios feel they need to adapt these games into godawful feature films.

Twin to Milky Way’s Black Hole found – The Sculptor Galaxy may harbor a black hole that mirrors our own galaxy’s.

An interview with Ken Scholes – The author of the upcoming Lamentation discusses his novel and his career.

Utah professor backpedals, says she can’t prove gaming is bad for you – “…professor Laura Walker says the study makes the point several times that ‘we don’t know if video games cause these problems or if people with these problems choose to immerse themselves into video games.'”

An interview with Wayne Reynolds – The fantasy illustrator talks to Wizards of the Coast about some of his work.


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