Around the Web: superuseless powers, open beverages, and an interview with George Takei

Superuseless Powers – I like Complimentary Chamelon, shown above. Via Newsarama.

An open letter from Doc Brown to Marty McFly – I approve of his use of the word “fucknut,” but it wasn’t Marty who worked with Libyan terrorists to secure the plutonium in the first place! Via Abi Sutherland.

OpenCola – GNU General Public Licensed for tasty. If cola isn’t your thing, don’t forget Vores Øl and the Open Source Beer Project.

Star Trek toys – Following on the heels of yesterday’s Barbies, here is a peek at the kind of toys we’ll see. I want the Bridge…

An interview with George Takei – The Star Trek star discusses his work as a villain on Clone Wars.

Michelle Ryans and Lee Evans to guest star on Doctor Who – The Bionic Woman star and the comedian will be in the Easter special “Planet of the Dead.”

Butt Hole Road, Crapstone, and Penistone – This morning’s juvenile humor brought to you by the New York Times.

Mark Waid starts a blog – The comics writer and Boom studios Editor and Chief talks about his career and current projects.

The Eureka blog is back – Eureka unscripted returns. Check out what the makers of the show have to say.

The Order of Cosmic Engineers – A position statement by a group of transhumanists working in MMORPGs.


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