Lost season 5 premieres tonight, or, Is it tonight yet?!

My anticipation for Lost is reaching ridiculous proportions. I’ve re-watched all of season 4 on DVD in a weekend, including the flash-forwards in chronological order. In fact, I re-watched “There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 1-3” again on ABC last week, complete with stupid pop-up facts that I already knew. But it was worth it to get a sneak peek of the fifth season premiere.

I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible, but a few promo clips and early reviews here and there don’t bother me. Not when I’m this impatient. But I won’t spoil anything major here.

Okay, maybe one thing:

TV Guide thinks it’s very important that we know Sawyer is shirtless for the whole first hour of the two-hour premiere event. Forget the Orchid Station, forget Jin’s fate, Locke’s coffin, Ben’s mission. Josh Holloway. No shirt. There was some other info in the early review, but I couldn’t bring myself to read it in any depth. Back in the beginning of season 3, I had become pretty fed up with the show’s lack of direction (not Heroes-level fed-up, mind you). But around the time comic-writing genius Brian K. Vaughan  stepped into the writers’ room and a series end date was declared, Lost had a sense of purpose again. I think it started with the Desmond-centric “Flashes Before Your Eyes.” (Written by former Buffy writer Drew Goddard and Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof.) As pretty as Sawyer is, I’m more of a Desmond fangirl. A time-traveling, hopelessly romantic ex-monk with a Scottish accent? Yes, please. Any episode that centers on his star-crossed love with Penny Widmore is pretty much guaranteed to make me teary-eyed. If you didn’t well up at the end of season 4’s “The Constant,” you have no soul. At the very least, I feel sympathy for your significant other.

I’m just as hooked on Lost now as I was back in season one.

Some other Lost links to visit during these last, maddening, hours:

ABC has a “Vote for Your Favorite Lost Moment” showdown going on, with the final result to be announced in early February. They have most of the biggest moments up there: “We have to go back, Kate. We have to go back!” The harrowing yet unintentionally hilarious “WAAAAAAAAAALT!” cry from Michael. Locke’s wheelchair. But a few of my favorite moments are not eligible. Mr. Eko facing down the smoke monster. The death of TV reporter Tricia Tanaka. The hotness that is Sayid killing a man using only his legs.

Ajira Airways, a fictional airline that ties into the new season, somehow. Printing out a boarding pass and doing a bit of origami reveals an obscure Easter egg.

A cute Lost parody featuring the cast of both Lost and Heroes in action-figure form. Dude, I want a Hurley action figure. I’ve never seen such an obese action figure before.

Lost premieres TONIGHT at 9 .P.M. EST, following a one-hour recap special, on ABC.


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