SF Crowsnest adds “Sci-Fi Play”

SF Crowsnest.com, one of the oldest scifi websites (as in 1991) has added an entirely new section called Sci-fi Play. In it, you the gamer have the opportunity to play all kinds of time-waster games online during your lunch hour, or in bed, or when your significant other asks you to take out the trash.

Proprietor Stephen Hunt (a Tor author), claims that “You can now beat your Monday morning global depression economic woe-filled lunchtime blues by introducing orcs to your bloody axe or blasting enemy starships to pieces. Your bank of choice will probably still end up being nationalised, but at least you’ll have a high score to show for it.”

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Of particular note is the steampunk category. Although many video games have been or could be classified as being steampunk (any Final Fantasy comes to mind) I don’t think I have ever seen an online game classified as such. Additionally, it is appropriate, since Hunt’s own series of novels fall under that category.

Although Yahoo and other sites have been offering these types of time-wasters for a very long time, its nice to have a site that has been dedicated to genre readers offering fun games with a genre emphasis. Personally, I plan to spend an awful lot of time playing Orc Wars II: Squares and Blades, Dwarf Airship, and Cosmic Defender (username graspingforthewind) so condsider this my challenge to the rest of you to come over and try to beat my high score!


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