Around the Web: nuke it!, how to do a ninja wall flip, and a zombie Hello Kitty cake

Nuke it! – How will you fare when the nuclear holocaust begins? Nuke your city and find out. Via Brian Wood.

Fox mulls Keanu Reeves as Spike in Cowboy Bebop – Well, he does know kung fu…

How to do a Wall Flip – Because ninjas are totally sweet.

Battlestar Galactica props for auction tomorrow – The day has come! I really want one of those awesome flight suits…

One tiny apartment transforms into 24 different rooms – A glimpse at what could be the future of living in our increasingly overpopulated world.

Gilliam back to work on Don Quixote movie – Alternately: Lost in La Mancha 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Zombie Hello Kitty Cake – And other geeky cakes.


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