Around the Web: a Watchmen update, super-predators, and a flying car

Even robot Maria needs a cool drink – A fabulous film still from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Thanks, Coudal Partners.

Finalists named for Philip K. Dick Award – The award recognizes exceptional science fiction “paperback originals” in the United States.

Watchmen settlement is “close” – It looks like Fox does have distribution rights to the film.

Humans are super-predators – And animals are evolving at a quickened pace as a result, even putting some species in danger.

Japanese scientists clone legendary bull – He is apparently “the ancestral bull of a luxurious brand of beef.” Sound weird? Even weirder: “Japan has a variety of beef marketed as high-end. Ranchers sometimes massage the animals or feed them beer while they are being raised for slaughter.”

World’s first bio-fueled flying car – “With the help of a parachute and a giant fan-motor, Neil Laughton plans to soar over the Pyrenees near Andorra, before taking to the skies again to hop across the 14-km (nine-mile) Straits of Gibraltar.”

You must choose: boil a kettle? Or 2 Google searches? – Dr Alex Wissner-Gross, a Harvard University physicist, researched how much CO2 gets produced from web-related tasks. The answers are surprising (and denied by Google).

Fiction reading increases for adults – The percentage of people who read at least one work of fiction last year has gone up in nearly every demographic.


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