Around the Web: some useful advice, a Wii crossbow, and a photographic Far Side reenactment

The Recently Deflowered Girl – An Edward Gorey-illustrated guide to that potentially awkward morning-after sitaution.

Wii crossbow with laser sights – Until there’s a Battle of Hastings game, I don’t see the appeal.

Ian McKellan news – McKellan is meeting with Guillermo del Toro to discuss his upcoming role in The Hobbit movies. More immediately he has been enjoying his part in the Prisoner remake—a little too much. Don’t forget, you can watch all 17 episodes of the original ’60s series here.

Venomous mammal caught on camera – Just about the cutest venom-toothed shrew you’ll ever see.

Another Watchmen featurette – Don’t worry, there will be plenty more of these in the coming weeks.

D20 flails – For both kinds of LARP, ifyaknowwhatimean.

The Far Side reenacted in photos – Some of these are just eerie.


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