Around the Web: RoboCop steals your fridge, an EEG Star Wars toy, and a Watchmen featurette

Win a Custom Skull plush by Lana Crooks! – Lana Crooks, gallery artist and plushinator extraordinaire, wants you to name her next line of work. The reward? Squishy skull!

RoboCop likes fried chicken, steals your fridge – A crazy ’80s Korean TV advertisement. Via SF Signal.

Geoff Ryman on – “The Film-makers of Mars” fans will note that the second-to-last podcast featured Geoff Ryman. Check it out, and all the other podcasts, too.

Toy trains Star Wars fans to use The Force – A simplified EEG device will allow you to move a ping-pong ball in a tower. But patience, young padawan—it requires “a state of deep concentration” to work, making it, I think, a less-than-ideal toy for young ones.

Olly Moss “Shoots the Baddies” – The illustrator has designed a series of prints to prepare you for your worst science fictional nightmares.

New Watchmen featurette live – The Minutemen, including interviews with Zach Snyder and Dave Gibbons.

Eric Freitas finishes another steampunk clock – Beautiful!

60 Most Wanted (and free!) Photoshop Tutorials – Organized into 7 sections. Via Lines and Colors.

The SF/F/H Reviewer’s Database – Submit your information and get on the list!

Lego Brick Building Graffiti – Think we can convince the city to use LEGOs for street repairs?


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