Around the Web: Twilight spuds, space diapers, and cheap ebooks

Vampotato – “Sally Russet was just an ordinary potato girl, going to high school and stuff. And then one day everything changed…”

Drawn & Quarterly will be reprinting Melvin Monster – The creator most famous for Lulu also did a series of monster comics, to be released by D&Q in March.

Milky Way as massive as 3 trillion suns – There’s a “your mom” joke waiting in there, but I’m not making it.

High-tech space diaper nearly ready – Japanese toilets have reached a new level of insanity. Via Sentient Developments.

Cory Doctorow podcasts Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town – Very cool, indeed.

Ebooks for $1 – Orbit launches new promotion that features one author a month.

Joss Whedon promises more Dr. Horrible, but won’t say what – He’s just doing it to drive you all into a tizzy.


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