Around the Web: LEGO steampunk, Orwell blogs 70 years later, and the top 50 movie special effects

LEGO Steampunk – And you thought LEGOs were just for making AT-ATs. Via Coudal Partners. This image by Flickr user Balakov.

Postcards from Mars – A collection of beautiful NASA photos taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

If you can type, you can make movies – Type in your camera angles, your characters, and your dialogue, and it will render a CGI movie for you! It’s in beta, and only free in beta, so mess around with it while you can. Warning: server errors abound.

The Orwell Diaries – Follow his journal, 70 years after the fact. Today’s entry? “Three eggs.” Even brilliant men had other things to think about sometimes.

Top 50 movie special effects shots – Almost entirely populated by science fiction films. How Hannibal outranked Metropolis, though, I have no idea. Via Metafilter.

Dude-A-Day – Andy Helms does…just what it sounds like. Via

Stonehenge beneath the waters of Lake Michigan – “If verified, the carvings could be as much as 10,000 years old—coincident with the post-Ice Age presence of both humans and mastodons in the upper midwest.”


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