Around the Web: the Year of Astronomy, Andrew Stanton, and Evgeni Tomov

NGC 602 and Beyond.” Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI / AURA) – ESA/Hubble Collaboration.

Turn off your lights in 2009 – A new campaign called Dark Skies Awareness encourages you to turn off unnecessary artificial lights in 2009, the Year of Astronomy. Light pollution obscures our view of the universe (There’s more than one star! Who knew?) and can disrupt bird migration patterns.

A collection of Coraline behind the scenes videos – The detail is extraordinary.

12 elegant examples of evolution – When the real is science fictional.

Galactus’ helmet just gets happier – Evidence within.

An interview with Andrew Stanton – The director discusses Wall*E and Finding Nemo in a 70-minute audio interview.

THE BEAT’s Year-End Survey – Cartoonists, writers, and editors all weigh in on 2008 and what’s ahead for 2009.

An illustrative career of Evgeni Tomov – The 3-D work of the production designer for The Tale of Desperaux.

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell tackle John Carter of Mars – And don’t forget the works in progress here and here.


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