When in Search of a Legend, Crowdsource

I think we all know that our society is hovering on the brink of apocalypse. At any moment, the dinosaurs could rise or the Masks of Power could be uncovered once again, and when that happens, what mighty hero will save us? How can we summon him (or her) to our aid? Luckily, there’s FindHeMan.com.

FindHeMan.com is an attempt to keep an eye on the Master of the Universe as he lives out his life in our midst, masquerading as a mere Earthman. We play along, except for snapping the occasional picture for the records.  Theoretically, any guy with absolutely unholy pecs could be a He-Man candidate, but if you look through the site, this guy seems to be overwhelmingly popular. I was shocked because I have actually seen He-Man on my way to Starbucks (Tor romance editor Heather Osborn and I disrespectfully nicknamed him “Sebastian” at first, after the Airborne commercial).   According to the sighting map, He-Man regularly hangs out in the East 20s in Manhattan, right around the Tor.com offices! So if Skeletor shows up, we’ll be safe, and we’ll be sure to liveblog He-Man’s smackdown.

I just wonder if he knows about this—I mean, if he knows we know he’s He-Man; I’m tempted to ask the next time I see him.

Images from Wikipedia’s “He-Man” entry and from FindHeMan.com.


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