Around the Web: book sculptures, gingerbread geekery, and AT-AT art

Unusual book sculptures – Extraordinary book art. 

An interview with Jacob Weisman – The publisher of Tachyon Publications discusses how it all started, his current list, and what’s next on the horizon.

Delicious Gingerbread Geekery – A gingerbread AT-AT? To quote the placard at its feet, “THAT’S AWESOME.” See also: LotR Battle of Pelennor Fields in all candy.

The Great Flood of London – “How London survives the Greenland Meltdown, 2024-2046.”

Bookspot Central Picks Best of 2008 – Divided by genre and category.

Climate-proof the Bay Area – The Bay Conservation and Development Commission will host a $125,000 competition for architects, planners and engineers to “climate-proof” the San Francisco Bay Area.

Battle of Hoth in LEGO – More AT-AT action! “This epic recreation of The Empire Strikes Back’s Battle of Hoth is a glacial firmament of geeky obsession: it took four years, $3,000, 60,000 bricks and even comes with remote-controlled AT-ATs that rappel Snowtroopers.”

The Happiest Days of Our Lives audio now for sale – Wil Wheaton’s memoir is on sale “for just $19.72. ‘Why $19.72?’ You ask? Because that’s the year I was born, and since nobody else is the boss of me, I can do that sort of thing. ‘How long is it?’ You say? ‘That’s what she said!’ I reply. Then I tell you that it’s about three and a-half hours long, and we laugh and laugh before the episode ends with a hilarious freeze frame.”

Dharbin presents: Warren Ellis, King of the Internet – A morality play.

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