Around the Web: elves, the Nolan Batman is doomed, and art from Charlie Brown

Elves spotted in Britomart, Auckland, New Zealand –  This looks so neat! A slew of pictures are up here.

Eddie Murphy & Shia Labeouf to be in next Nolan Batman – Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Eddie Murphy—Trading Places is among my top 10 films ever—but a Murphy Riddler gives me horrible flashbacks to Vampire in Brooklyn. Also, why are people letting Shia Labeouf in real movies? Granted, Transformers didn’t need great yoomans, but didn’t he get his chance and utterly waste it in that movie that had the same name as that trilogy I loved?

[Edited to add: Thank goodness, no! User Phy has linked to Ain’t It Cool News, who say that the rumors about this are completely baseless. I am utterly relieved.]

LEGO Star Wars Nativity – For more LEGO goodness, check out A Day in the Life of A LEGO.

Iowa town uses garlic instead of salt to de-ice roads – Talk about science fictional.

Background art for a Charlie Brown Christmas – Aren’t these lovely?


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