Around the Web: chocolate fashion, The Spirt movie that never was, and a new Stargate series

New York Chocolate Fashion Show – What would make Lara Croft, Xena, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Iron Man even more delicious? That would be chocolate. Oh yes.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition – Discover the “authentic artifacts and costumes” of the Harry Potter film franchise. Artifacts? Really? Offer only available in Chicago, from April 30 – September 7, 2009.

Catalog copy is no picnic – Del Rey’s Editor-in-Chief, Betsy Mitchell, explains why selling clothes or appliances is easier.

Technology, the Geological Force – A new paper presents “mineral evolution,” or the idea that Earth’s rocks and clay emerge and change over time—sometimes in concert with living things.

The Spirit movie that could have been – The story of an almost-so-close 1980s animated film of The Spirit, blessed by Will Eisner, and developed by (present-day) superstars Brad Bird, Jerry Rees, Gary Kurtz, John Musker and John Lasseter. Via Cartoon Brew.

Painting the DragonForce cover – Massive Black’s latest Instructible download, by Andrew Jones.

Robert Carlyle to star in new Stargate series – The award-winning Full Monty star will appear in Stargate Universe, set for next summer. The new series is being described as “edgier,” which elicits a big groan from me, but who knows? Maybe Robert can shape it up.

Kenneth Branagh to direct Thor – “Branagh also dismissed early speculation about who might take on the role of the Norse god.” HMMMM. Well, based on his many previous ventures, my guess is the star’s name will start with “Kenneth” and end with “Branagh.” But what do I know.


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