Around the Web: RoboCop v4.0, Miss Piggy speaks, and the worst SF movie of the year

Darren Aronofsky to direct RoboCop remake – Robot cowboys are back! The director of Pi and Requiem for a Dream wants to tackle the ultraviolent 80s classic.

Gene Colan exhibit – The San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum puts the spotlight on the penciller, whose work includes lengthy runs on Daredevil and Tomb of Dracula in the 60s and 70s.

50 Final tickets for Dance Dance Revolution onsale today – Les Freres Corbusier is releasing the last few tickets of this completely sold out show. Intrigued? Liz Gorinsky’s thoughts on the show are here.

An interview with Miss Piggy – “What do you want from Santa?” “Well I always ask for but never seem to get a certain rock, a very shiny rock, from a certain green frog. But barring that, I … well, just peace, love, happiness and lots of chocolate.” That sounds pretty good.

Real life or miniature? – The magic of tilt-shift photography makes real scenes look like models. If you want more than just amazing photos, check out this tilt-shift video of a monster truck ralley/ demolition derby.

David Duchovy wants The X-Files to continue – I’m still waiting for an actual X-Files movie—no more melodramatic, Dr. Phil-esque couples therapy movies, please. Come on invasion in 2012…

Some steampunk:

Steampunk mouse – Fully functional.

Photos from Phoenix steampunk show – Check out the Octophone.

Steampunk holiday gift guide – For that special someone.

Worst science fiction movie of 2008? That would be Alien vs. Predator: Requiem – John Scalzi argues that AVP: Requiem “wins” this contest. My money would be on Hancock, actually.


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