Around the Web: Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, Keanu Reeves in space, and physics license plates

Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia on sale now – I don’t think I have enough napkins to wipe up the drool.

Los Angeles Film Critics Association names Wall*E Best Picture – Will the Academy follow? Probably not, but we can always dream

Terry Gilliam discusses Disneyland – There are actually dozens of wonderful (official) Monty Python videos up at YouTube.

The Day the Earth Stood Still to be beamed into space – I think my fellow blogger Eugene Myers correctly assumes, “Now we’ll never make first contact…”

Physics License Plates – If these don’t make you giggle, you’re doing it wrong. Via Metafilter.

Catch the Frak up! – Missed Season 4 of BSG? Save yourself the time and watch this 13-minute recap.

Q&A with the Salvatores – The father/son writing team discuss The Stowaway, as well as projects past and present.

First exoplanet with C02 discovered! – The search for other Earth-like worlds continues, but this is a great sign!


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