Around the Web: Astroboy on film, an interview with Miyazaki, and a contest to name the new Mars rover

Forrest J Ackerman passes away – The literary agent, editor, and coiner of the term “sci fi” died last Thursday. A big loss for science fiction.

Astroboy on film – The cinematic history of Astroboy.

ABC to produce DC’s Fables – Bill Willingham’s comic may become a new series. Here’s hoping the pilot doesn’t disappoint…

Live-action reference photos for Sleeping Beauty – A great collection of compositions available thanks to the LIFE archive. Via Cartoon Brew.

An interview with Hayao Miyazaki – The celebrated filmmaker discusses his films. Via Cartoon Brew.

Twilight: The Puppet Saga – “Think the acting in Twilight was a little soft? The storyline kinda overstuffed? Wish the movie could have been plusher? Then consider this alternate take on Stephenie Meyer’s tween classic: Twilight: The Puppet Saga, courtesy of our pal Spooky Dan. There’s no strings attached.”

New Giant Toothless Pterosaur found! – “With a wingspan longer than a full-size sedan, a new species of pterosaur dubbed Lacusovagus magnificens, or ‘magnificent lake wanderer,’ is the largest of its kind yet found, a new study reports.”

Sneak scenes for BSG – Pretty sneaky, indeed.

Jupiter’s core is bigger than previously thought -This gives credence to the theory that Jupiter, like rocky terrestrial planets, formed due to core accretion of dust, ice, and small planetary bodies. The opposing theory holds that Jupiter’s formation is due to gases that cooled and collapsed. Nothing is definitive yet, but this is an interesting discovery nonetheless.

NASA holds contest to name Mars rover – Because if MarsPhoenix taught us anything, it’s that anthropomorphising our space probes makes them cuddly and interesting. Contest is only open to  children in grades K-12. Sorry, adults.

Young Mad Scientists Illustrated Alphabet – I still think N should be for Neville, who died of ennui…

Chartisty: OD&D to AD&D2E Mark II – AKA, the geek family tree. I’m glad someone did it! Via Wil Wheaton.


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