Around the Web: Fünde Razor, Hubble holidays, and a futuristic Footloose

Fünde Razor – Show up. Drink beer. Play rock band. There will be door prizes, raffles, and lots of fun. And most importantly? You’re helping Child’s Play, the charity that gives toys, games, books, and cash to sick children in children’s hospitals worldwide. Child’s Play was started by Jerry “Tycho” Holkins and Mike “Gabe” Krahulik of Penny Arcade fame, and has raised $3.5 million dollars so far. Don’t be surprised if you see a team…

The stories behind movie studio logos – The boy fishing over the moon in the Dreamworks logo? That’s the artist’s son.

Season’s Greetings from Hubble – A slew of absolutely stunning holiday card images that you can print out and send to your friends and loved ones this holiday season. For free. From NASA.

Spider Robinson reads John Varley – In Spider’s latest podcast, he reads the novella “The Persistance of Vision.”

Blasphemy Watch: A live-action Sorcerer’s Apprentice –  With Nicholas Cage and Jay Baruchel. Less said about this the better.

Robert Carlyle would love to play The Doctor – The Full Monty star tells the Daily Record that he’d leap at the chance.

Dance Dance Revolution (the theatrical experience) – “Dance Dance Revolution is like Footloose set in the future—but much scarier, and with 50 really attractive, barely-clothed young actors and buckets of free beer.” Sounds good to me!

An interview with Jeffrey A. Carver – The author talks about his latest, Sunborn.

CNN Closes Space/Tech/Environmental Reporting Unit – It’s a sad day for science and technology. Miles O’Brien, one of the most knowledgeable journalists on these subjects, will be departing as the division closes down.

Atompunk! – Because there’s always more steampunk, and this time it’s Dutch. Does our logo count?

Bryan Fuller to return to Heroes? – Looks like this was more than a rumor. Let’s see if he can save the show.

And if Fuller doesn’t work out… – How to Spin-Off Heroes.

How far is the Big Dipper? – About 48.9 billion trillion grains of confectioners’ sugar far.

PW talks to Steve Geppi – The president and founder of Diamond Comics Distribution discusses the growth and development of graphic novels in the U.S.


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