Around the Web: Book covers galore, Alison Bechdel, and a beautiful collection of vintage posters

Best Book Covers of 2008 – Congratulations to our own Jamie Stafford-Hill, designer of this here website, whose Make Room! Make Room! cover made the list!

Interview with Alison Bechdel – The author of Fun Home and The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For discusses the effect Fun Home had on her family, and what she’s up to now. Via Jenny Davidson.

Gris Grimly’s Holiday Cards – Just think of the face your great aunt will make when she gets one of these in the mail! Poor Trevor, indeed.

15 strange and wonderful staircases – Architectural beauties from around the world. Via DarkRoastedBlend.

Doctor Who should be a woman – Female scientists weigh in at The Telegraph.

New clues for Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 – Shiny.

Science Tattoo Emporium – I particularly like the bike one and the Halley’s comet tattoos.

Travel Distant Worlds! – A collection of fascinating and beautiful vintage space tourism posters, mostly from the ’20s and ’30s.

Coraline Mystery Box – A very cool promotional kit. “If the Coraline film reflects the imagination, detail, artistry and obsessive effort exemplified by my encounters with the LAIKA team so far, it should be quite a treat.”

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Holiday Party –  Free to CBLDF members, now is a great time to join the worthy cause of defending first amendment rights for the comics community.

No Dyson Spheres Yet – But there’s still hope…

Watchmen gets shorter – I hope the extra bits wind up on the DVD.

Keanu Reeves to attend CalTech talk on The Day The Earth Stood Still – So Keanu Reeves, an astrophysicist, and a robotocist walk into a bar college…

Why Book Covers are Important – “A book is a material object–form matters.” In related news, the NYT  has an interesting piece called “How to Publish Without Perishing,” which Clay Shirky responded to as well.

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