Earth 2100—ABC News goes SpecFic.

As producer for, I get all sorts of odd things in my inbox, but this bit caught my eye today. It’s a call for entries of sorts:

ABC News wants YOU to report from the sustainable future

ABC News is inviting you to help imagine the future.

In our upcoming two-hour special, Earth 2100, the world’s brightest minds will explore two alternate paths through the coming century—one leading to the collapse of society, the other to a world of exciting possibilities.

Earlier this year, we asked viewers to create short video reports documenting the worst-case scenario many experts have predicted—a perfect storm of climate change, population growth and resource depletion that could destabilize our world.  You can view some of the results on our website,

Now we are asking you to show us another path.  What kind of future can we hope for if we take action to create a more sustainable world?  What kind of homes will we live in, what kind of food will we eat, how will we communicate with each other?  What sacrifices will we make, and what will keep us motivated?

Create a short video report from the future.  The video can be as simple as sitting in front of a web cam and explaining what is happening in your life, or as elaborate as you like.  Upload them to our website,, by December 8th.  The most compelling videos will be featured in the two-hour Earth 2100 prime time special this January.

Contact Lynn.R.Levy.-ND [at] abc [dot] com with any questions or comments.

I only just got this today, and the deadline’s tight, but it seems like something worth mentioning on here. Who else but readers of speculative fiction for interesting, informed, and compelling accounts of the future? I’d be interested in seeing what people come up with and what the end result turns out to be—the content on their site is already rather compelling.


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