Dexter “About Last Night” episode review

Oh yes, Dexter is definitely back in full-force. This season has been unbearably slow and repetitive at times, but now that the focus is squarely on Dexter and his strange relationship with Miguel Prado, tension is running high and once again I’m counting down the days until next Sunday.

It’s confirmed: Miguel, once instructed in the proper ways of killing a perp, went straight to the house of his nemesis, defense attorney Ellen Wolf, and viciously beat and strangled her. Then (as he learned from Dexter) he buried her in an open grave at the local cemetery. What a sad end to a woman who I had grown to like (much more than LaGuerta, anyway.) I will raise a metaphorical glass of scotch to her. What is equally disturbing is how quickly Miguel’s likable facade has turned on Dexter, lying and manipulating his “friend” from the very first episode of the season. I think Miguel has always been a killer, he just saw in Dexter an opportunity to get someone else to do his dirty work until he was sure he could pull it off himself. I knew that shirt stained with Freebo’s blood would come back to haunt Miguel, and, in a way, it has. The reveal at the end that the shirt Miguel gave to Dexter as a symbol of mutual trust was phony finally gave America’s favorite serial killer a real emotion: blinding anger. Loved the Six Feet Under-style imagined reaction shot of Dexter smashing his office to bits. I definitely see sheets of plastic in Miguel’s future. But not before we’re treated to a great game of cat-and-mouse where the two men try to outsmart and double cross each other to reach their ultimate goals. The best of friends can make the best of enemies, as well.

On the Skinner front, that nice guy tree trimmer from last week? Yeah, that’s the Skinner and he took Anton. That was some strip of flesh he took from to poor guy. And speaking of blinding anger—Deb was frakking crazy when she was interrogating George. She’d do anything to get her cute pseudo-informant back, even risk her job. Jennifer Carpenter‘s come a long way since the first season. Deb used to be pretty one-note, but now she is vulnerable, tough, and best of all, compelling. And she still maintains that filthy mouth. Can’t wait to see what happens if she’s ever alone in a room with the Skinner again.

So what do you think? How will Miguel betray Dexter next? Do you think he’ll expose Dexter’s secret night life to Rita? And which wedding cake would you choose: chocolate or hazelnut? (I say neither – red velvet cake is the obvious choice for Dexter!) That wedding is getting ever closer, if it goes down at all.

Dexter airs Sundays at 9 P.M. EST on Showtime.


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