SF Scene: KGB Fantastic Fiction 11/19/08

This month’s KGB had no particular theme, just a trio of great stories. First up was Benjamin Parzybok, who’s on tour right now for his first novel Couch, which just came out from the esteemed independent publisher Small Beer Press. Ben read a short story called “Birds,” unrelated to his novel. The second reader was Caítlin R. Kiernan, who read the short stories “Still Life” and “Untitled 17” from the Subterranean Press collection Tales From the Woeful Platypus. Because everyone on the web is quicker than me, you can see Ben’s account here, Caítlin’s here, and Ellen’s pictures here.

Since we’re coming up on Thanksgiving, that peculiar American celebration of plenty (excellent timing!), I went around asking people What is the imaginary thing you’re most thankful for? This deliberately non-specific query drew more than a few blank stares, so when people asked for guidance I would explain that I wanted them to tell me about the person or thing that doesn’t exist that they most wish did. In the end, we wound up with a nice range of responses, from the whimsical to the political…

If I got something wrong—or if you’d rather I linked to a different webpage or didn’t use your full name—please let me know via my shoutbox. And if I missed you this time, please come find me at the next event!

[Image by Flickr user Anosmia, CC licensed for commercial use.]


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