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Today’s curiosities:

Paint with your Nintendo DS – Some incredibly talented individuals have used a program called Colors! to paint on their DS. Click on a particular image to see the painting in progress! Colors! requires a homebrew-enabled DS, if you want to try it at home. Via Scott Fischer.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity finally corroborated by other scientists – It only took 103 years.

New Lost Poster – Minor spoilers for the new season, since it shows you which characters are returning.

Clarkesworld Books temporarily re-opens – The online SFF booksellers are still closed, but a temporary sale of the the final inventory is happening now. Go get ’em! Via Warren Ellis.

Watchmen video game – First screenshots of the new game are up.

New Spirit trainwre—er, trailer – Did I say too much?

“Tomahawk” skull gauntlet – They don’t look like Wolverine’s claws at all. Nope.

Astroboy trailer – Something for 2009.

Marama pictures are up – Photos from the Massive Black concept art workshop in New Zealand are up. Of course, I’m only posting this to make Irene jealous.

[Image by Flickr user gadl, CC-licensed for commercial use.]


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