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Some links of interest for your lovely Thursday morning.

Why I Copyfight – Cory Doctorow tells you why copyright reform is important.

Is Science Fiction Dying? – Has science made SF obsolete? New Scientist explores this question, and gets authors Margaret Atwood, Stephen Baxter, William Gibson, Ursula K. Leguin, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Nick Sagan to respond.

Thoughts on Social Networking – A look at social networking and the future of book publishing.

The Spirit trailer – As you probably know, Frank Miller is directing this Will Eisner classic. A new short trailer is up, via SF wire.

CBLDF auctions – The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, an organization that works towards protecting comic book creators’ first amendment rights, is auctioning even more amazing stuff. Check it out.

Time-lapse painting of Voltron – by Robert Burden. Via Cartoon Brew.

A look inside the making of Wall-E – Rotten Tomatoes got the chance to tour Pixar in September, and has reported back. 96,000 storyboards? Wow.

A Call for Questions – DC Comics executive editor Dan DiDio is taking your questions. Fire away! Via Newsarama.

[Image by Flickr user gadl, CC-licensed for commercial use.]


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