Maya Lin and the Wave Field


This work of art was created last year by my daughter as she ruthlessly gutted all sorts of stuffies to create a more harmonious whole.  I suppose it could be viewed as a Frankensteinian version of diversity.

As I said at another blog:

If these stuffies can come together to make a greater whole, then we Americans—nay, we humans planet wide!—should be able to as well.

(The dismembering and sewing together thing—it will hurt at first.)

I love it but I was reminded of it when watching a video detailing the art of Maya Lin.  Lin’s most famous work of art is the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC, designed when she was 21 for a public design competition while still an undergraduate in sculpture at Yale.

Lin also works on art that uses some of her own children’s abandoned toys but what is really cool are the four installations she’s done utilizing the shapes of waves in landscape.

Maya Lin's Wave Field

Video at the New York Times.


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