You Do, I Watch: Remote Fandom

I have a separate blog for my World of Warcraft-related rambling thoughts and lots and lots of screenshots. Mostly I write it to trade info and share niftiness with fellow WoW players, like friends on other servers. But I also know that I have some readers who don’t play WoW and don’t even necessarily want to play WoW, but who like the artwork and stories that come out of people like me burbling on. Comics-and-horror blogger Sean Collins (immensely good-natured, tremendously thoughtful; go read) often has interesting comments about that, recently comparing it to a new TV series for him to follow. Some other comics bloggers have mentioned treating it similarly.

I got to thinking, and realized that I’m that way with superhero comics. I bought, hmm, pause to look at shelves, just one trade paperback this year, and one or two last year, and so on back. I haven’t the foggiest idea who half or more of the characters are in many DC and Marvel lineups. And yet I continue read reviews of new series and big events, and I still think of myself as a comics-reading sort of person even though I’m really not. Partly I’m a fan of the fandom—since there are some really outstanding comics bloggers—and partly I’m just feeding the nostalgia beast with enough fresh fodder to keep up the daydreaming and all.

Discussion time! What are you an avid spectator of, without being much (or at all) involved yourself?

[Photo taken from the Library of Congress collection at Flickr; it’s in the public domain.]


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