Dexter Easy as Pie episode review

Poor Dexter, since he’s never had many friends, he still has a lot to learn about friendship. Only Dexter’s friends don’t ask him to talk to a hot girl’s frumpy friend at a bar or beg for airport pickups or even bail. They ask Dexter for murder. Luckily, it’s Dexter, so he’s mostly okay with that.

Great episode this week; now that the season is getting closer to its end, things are heating up. Loved the fireworks between Miguel and the defense attorney he hates, LaGuerta’s friend Ellen Wolf. Miguel knows that Ellen lets murderers and rapists go free. Shouldn’t she be a candidate for Dexter’s skill? But Ellen also has it out for Miguel, so he can’t be a great judge of her character. Dexter believes Ellen’s only doing her job. Wolf occupies a real gray area in Dexter’s Code and, for me, the show made a good case for both sides of the argument. I’ve wondered how defense attorneys sleep at night and apparently the answer is not very well. And the more we see of Ellen, we see that Dexter was right. Loved Jimmy Smits this entire episode. His blowup with Dexter was tense and his later apology was handled nicely, too. I really think this friendship could survive until the season finale. But if I were Angel or Masuka, I’d be pissed that Dexter picked the new guy as his best man.

Things really heated up for Deb and her cute informant Anton. They finally, finally kissed in a sweet moment after Anton bravely offered to act as bait for the Skinner so Deb wouldn’t have to put her investigation and her career in jeopardy to protect him. Considering Deb’s boyfriends have never made it beyond a season finale, Anton’s life expectancy just dropped dramatically. Deb hopped up on “a metric fuckton” of caffeine was hilarious. Quinn looked very uncomfortable with his partner’s new leads on the killer. In other kiss-related news, Angel’s bumbling romance with the vice cop led up to a little lip-locking, too. I like Angel more when he’s less depressed.

There was a lot of sad sprinkled throughout the episode. Dexter struggled with the decision to end Camilla’s suffering. Those hospital scenes were hard to watch but there was some great payoff for loyal viewers. Camilla, an old friend of Harry’s and Dexter’s, knew that Dexter’s brother was the Ice Truck Killer, after Brian’s identity was revealed in the newspapers. And after Dexter finally agreed to slip Camilla a slice of very special key lime pie, he confessed to killing his brother before Camilla passed away. The murder of his serial killer brother has weighed on Dex for a long time, so I imagine it was a relief to tell someone such a dark secret.

My favorite lines of the night:
Dexter thinking about killing Ellen: “Do I see sheets of plastic in your future?”

Dexter working on his wedding guest list: “Should I invite Quinn? He’s so… tan.”

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9 P.M. EST on Showtime.


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