November 4th, 2008. 7AM EST

As the sun rises over the Eastern seaboard of the North American continent, citizens of the United States are turning up in their local polling places to exercise their right to vote in a historic election.

Since we at are consistently concerned with the future, we entreat our readers in the United States (of which our stats tell us there are many) who are eligible to vote (our stats don’t tell us that, don’t worry) to go take a hand in theirs.

Stop talking about the future for a bit, and go take an active part in shaping it. (Do come back after you’re done shaping, though.)

Comments are open, but be warned: any partisan squabbling or general rabble-rousing will be roundly mocked, derided, and/or otherwise pwned (this may or may not involve East German judges, and may or may not include disemvowelling, which has apparently hit the mainstream, but remains a mighty tool for great justice).


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