Exposé 7 call for entries and a Nicholas Miles step-by-step bonus

Exposé, the all-digital art annual, is taking entries for their seventh edition. Entries are free so there’s no excuse not try your luck. Luck as in hard-earned skill, that is. Deadline: February 23rd. (Painting above by the incomparable Alexi Briclot.)

In honor of the call, CG Society has posted a step-by-step of this alluring mantis queen. Nicholas Miles talks about his concepting, reference, and technique.

Nic Miles

Looking at my reference I’m struck by the delicate frills which adorn the body of many Praying Mantis. Imagery of fashions established during the era of Queen Elizabeth 1st of England are conjured up in my mind… I purposely kept the face simple so as to draw the viewer’s eye in and offer an oasis in the myriad of patterns.


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