Diesel Sweeties Block Party

It all started with Wil Wheaton, as so many things tend to these days. Back in September, Rich Stevens, creator of the very popular and highly amusing Diesel Sweeties online comic, took a commission from Wil to render his Clown-Sweatered likeness in 8-bits, a la the characters in Diesel Sweeties.

Now, after much clamoring by the hoi polloi, and coming off of his failed Dead Tree Experiment, he is taking commissions through the month of October. For a small fee, R. Stevens will render your likeness in the style of Diesel Sweeties, for you to use as an avatar on Facebook, Twitter, IM, or wherever else you think it’s appropriate to go 8-bit. So if you’ve ever wanted to see yourself rendered in all your pixellated glory, and you’ve got fifty bucks to spare, head on over to the Diesel Sweeties Block Party and sign up.

I predict this will be the next avatar meme on Twitter, after the short-lived FaceYourManga insanity earlier this year.

Pictured: Diesel Sweeties star Clango Cyclotron (left) and block party guinea pig Steven L. Cloud, creator of

Boy on a Stick and Slither


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