Heroes “One of Us, One of Them” episode review

This week, Mohinder’s voiceover asks “What kind of person are we?” Mama Petrelli, now in charge of The Company, decided to keep her son Sylar on a leash and make him HRG’s partner in his hunt to track down the Level 5 fugitives, including her other son PresentPeter, unwittingly trapped in the body of Weevil. (I don’t care that his character’s name is Jesse Murphy, he’ll always be Weevil to me.) The image of Angela stroking Sylar’s face and cooing in his ear was creepy as hell. I always liked the Petrelli matriarch for her tough broad attitude, but now she seems to have crossed into villainess territory and I’m not sure when that happened. Apparently Sylar’s hunger for collecting super powers through a bit of telekenetic neurosurgery is a part of his gift, one he can control if he wants and if he has a little structure in his life. But any smart viewer, and HRG, knows that Sylar is a bad person and too far gone for redemption. Especially this early in the season. But it was funny to see HRG and Sylar arrive on the scene of the hostage crisis. I did enjoy the bank scenes—we finally got to see Knox’s power of strength through fear when he punched through The German. And we got to see Weevil’s power in action too. A concussive screamer. A male Black Canary. But Weevil died at the hands of a hungry Sylar, who let Knox get away. You’d think Sylar would go for Knox’s power instead. But Jesse’s involve cooler FX, so I can’t say it was a bad choice. Poor Weevil; I was hoping he’d stick around. I also thought the Level 5 guys would be running rampant for awhile, too, but I’m sure they’ll get into zany adventures with the captured Hiro and Ando. Who else cheered when The Haitian showed up in Berlin? I’m starting to wonder if I like him so much because he rarely speaks and we don’t know much about him.

The recycling of a familiar superpower (and naming technique) continued with Matt’s African spirit walk with… The African. I like this character, but I guess the creators decided they had jumped the gun on killing off a plot trigger with the power to paint like Tim Sale. God, if it is boring for me to watch Matt’s life for an hour a week, imagine if your power was watching Matt for your entire life! The use of prophecy on this show is very repetitive. Isn’t there more to do with superheroes than just have them try to prevent the coming destruction of a major city? There are other ways of raising the stakes. Why not have smaller conspiracies to stop? Personally, I’d like to see more Company intrigue. And maybe a few less heroes to follow…

What kind of person is Tracy Strauss? I remember Niki being manipulated to meet the much-missed D.L. to give birth to Micah. So I guess they engineered more Nikis, too. Was that the last we’ll see of Micah? And speaking of disappearances, did Nathan’s wife walk out on him when Linderman healed her paralysis?

Lastly, we saw Claire running away from home after a little therapeutic bonding time with her pyrokinetic biological mother. She’s gunning for Sylar. And possibly some brown hair dye. I enjoy seeing the good go bad much more than the opposite scenario. And HRG, still the show’s biggest strength, is waiting for the right moment to take out Sylar once and for all. Do you think he’ll succeed or will fan service keep Sylar defanged for the rest of the season?


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