Showtime turns ‘Dexter’ into a cover boy

I’m getting very geared up for the upcoming season of Dexter. Showtime produces visually arresting ad campaigns for most of their shows but Dexter in particular seems to be a natural fit for creative thinking. For season 3, Showtime has created nine parody magazine covers, viewable here. The creepy Rolling Stone shot is my favorite, but Vanity Fair, People, and Wired get good treatment, too. Some of these real publications have even featured the magazine parodies on their pages, complete with phony articles about losing weight (through dismemberment), fashion advice from the characters, and lurid updates about the relationship status of Dexter and his girlfriend Rita.

However, Spain Portugal has been getting even better Dexter marketing. An unusual viral marketing campaign of dead bodies on the street, blood-flushing urinals, and body parts strewn around Lisbon butcher shops all led up to the second season premiere. I wish we got that fun in America, but I could just see a ton of lawsuits coming from people without a sense of humor. The Lisbon promo stunts are collected here.

And here’s an odd bit of cross-promotion I spied in the uptown F-train station at 14th St:

Great bit of work there! I’d pay good money to see two of my favorite sociopaths team up for a movie.

The new season of Dexter premieres Sunday, Sept. 28th at 9 P.M. on Showtime. Check on Friday for a special early review of the first episode!


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