Weekend Getaway: Avast and Arr and All That

Avast me hearties! ‘Tis speak like a pirate day, ’tis. And to honor ye scurvy dogs the swashbuckling folks at Shimmer are letting ye plunder their precious booty today only. If ye not take this offer, we’ll make ye walk the plank and sleep in Davy Jones’ locker!

From their mARRvelous website:

“The issue features fiction from James L. Cambias, Marissa K. Lingen, Jeremiah Tolbert, Mikal Trimm, and and half a dozen others. And don’t miss our piratical interview with the creator of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Illustrated throughout by James Owen.”

The issue is edited by first mate John Joseph Adams, a pirate if I ever saw one! That is the dread pirate Joe Haldeman holding court over his mates Graham Joyce and Gay Haldeman at the Shimmer Pirate Party at the World Fantasy Convention in Austin, 2006. He lost his hand in an unfortunate copyediting accident and now types with a hook. ARR!

[Image from meself ARRR! Anyone who says I can’t poist me own photo gets the plank!]


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