Weekend Getaway: Dr. Roundbottom

This site is a little bit fiction, a little bit photographic art, and a whole bunch of steampunk Victoriana. It’s a lot of fun. There are clockwork spiders, ocular fungus, snails with mushrooms growing on their shells, fire faery trees, steam wraiths, park crabs, and more. From the site:

“Julius T. Roundbottom is a dedicated gentleman of science! Utilizing the latest in modern technologies, he currently researchs the native flora and fauna of City Park with a particular interest in the interaction and conflict between native species and invasive species from alternate world models.”

It is updated once a week with a new image and story. There’s also an encyclopedia (that’s a wiki for you young folks), a gallery of Roundbottom’s photographs, and a place to buy prints of the good Doctor’s photographs.

[Image copyright Jeremy Tolbert; used with Mr. Tolbert’s permission.]


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