See Your Subscription Box Next Tuesday, Batfans

Or, The Vagina Dialogues. DC Comics recalled all copies of this week’s shipment of All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder because of a printing problem. The method of Miller’s script is

  1. Use an awful lot of profanity, including the C-word.
  2. Letter the profanity into the book.
  3. Black over the profanity, sometimes leaving little bits sticking out so people can figure out the redacted words pretty easily.

Apparently, the ink-over blocks weren’t black enough this time.

Heidi MacDonald broke the story. Rich Johnston got some illicit snaps of a few recalled pages, and provides a helpful transcript. All-Star Batman isn’t to my taste, and it’s been a standing joke in the comics blogosphere since at least the “I’m the goddam Batman” issue. I wonder if Miller’s take is a plausible hip-hop-generation take on the character, though, or a white cusper’s (those of us born at the very tale end of the baby boom or right at the supposed start of Generation X, falling between those two stools culturally) notion of a hip-hop generation take on Batman. Lots of bling, lots of T&A, lots of ultraviolance and lots and lots of profiling hard. Regardless, while I don’t like it, it ain’t moody.


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