We Must Be Cruel, Only to Be Kind Fanboys

Attention Peter David: Tor.com is worried about X-Factor! And when I say “Tor.com,” I mean “me.” And tikilovegod, who comments downblog:

I’ll second Jim’s assessment of Peter David’s X-Factor. What’s happening to X-Factor right now is particularly disheartening because it’s the same thing that happened to the title when David was writing it back in the early 90s. The title was a funny, character-driven thing that was nothing like anything else Marvel was publishing at the time. The psychoanalysis story (#87) remains one of my all-time favorite single issues. Crossovers killed the earlier X-Factor series and they are killing the new one.

That’s two! If we were cockroaches, and I ain’t sayin’ one way or the other, that would mean there are two thousand of us you’re not seeing. We have loved X-Factor, man, and we want to go on loving it. DO OUR BIDDING—FOR WE ARE THE CRANKY INTERNET AND THEREFORE GUARANTEED TO BE REPRESENTATIVE!

And, honestly, a plot that turns on the conceit that the whole Secret Invasion can be undone by taking down the One Super-Magic Skrull Priest Guy, when we have never, in almost fifty meatspace years of Marvel Comics, come across the faintest suggestion that Skrull society operates that way? That’s lame. Are you sending a secret message?

UPDATE: Dave Robeson makes three!


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