Save the House Where Superman was Born

Author Brad Meltzer has started the Siegel and Shuster Society, whose goal is to restore and preserve the childhood home of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel in Cleveland. To that end, the Society is holding an auction, which can be found at From the article:

The immediate goal of The Siegel and Shuster Society is to raise $50,000 which will, in Meltzer’s estimate, repair the outside of the house and weatherproof it against the elements. Monies raised after that will be used to repair the inside of the house. “We’re fixing it up for the family that lives there because it’s the right thing to do,” Meltzer says. “We do have the right of first refusal to buy the house, so that when they do sell it, we can buy it. If you ask what the big, giant dream is, that’s something that will be decided by people far smarter than me, but as one of the dreams though, I would love the idea that kids from Cleveland or Michigan, or any other place could leave school and get on a bus and go to this house and walk around and see kids’ art all along the walls, and learn the story of how two kids from Cleveland came up with the best idea in the whole damn world. I love the idea that we can preserve this one place where two kids dreamed bigger than anybody said they could dream.”

Via Newsarama.

[Image from Superman Returns, copyright Warner Bros. Pictures.]


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