Skynet, the Early Years: A Short Vaudeville Career

Via Make comes this video of the Titan robot show:

I think I would have kept running after that first bit, even if they do break into song afterwards. No, wait: especially if they break into song afterwards. Where you see a charming novelty performance, I see toasters, or shock troops for the robot uprising.

The Titan show is put on by a British outfit called Cyberstein. No, they probably couldn’t come up with a name with creepier connotations. And I’ll bet they tried: “Wait, I’ve got it…Cyberdine…FrankensteinCyberstein! Brilliant!” Their website has more videos, where you can see more reactions from random people on the street. They range from perplexed, to amused and laughing, to screaming in terror and running away (again, these are the smart ones, I think).

So enjoy your soft, sedentary lives while you can, my fellow meatbags. I have seen the future: it’s shiny, metal, it sings and dances, and it’s here now.


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