Michael Whelan and Scott Fischer exhibit

Michael Whelan and Scott Fischer will have a duo exhibit at the IO Gallery in Connecticut

Opening Reception: September 6th, 5 – 7:00pm.

The exhibit runs through October 12th.

I know a lot of illustrators and I know that many of them find it difficult to carve out time to work on non-commissioned work. I asked Scott how he manages:

“Earlier on in my career there were larger gaps between assignments and I could cram a lot of personal paintings in the gap. Now there is almost zero break, so finding the time to paint for me is that much more special.

“One thing totally informs the other, though! I make some of my biggest leaps, illustration-wise, after a stint of personal painting. When you are painting fine art pieces, you are only answering to yourself, so you are more apt to take risks, and it is those risks that have huge payoffs when you go back to illustration work.

“Conversely, it’s due to years of real illustrating, and having set parameters and goals to paint within, that when I do sit down to personal paint I am much more focused, and have a clearer mental picture of what I want to achieve in the fine art piece before I even pick up the brush.”


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