Eric Freitas

I was so taken by Eric Freitas’s clocks I saw at the Hamptons Steampunk exhibit that I asked if he would be willing to be one of our gallery artists. I’m glad to report he said yes.

Check out Eric Freitas’s Gallery.

Note: These clocks are entirely handmade—every gear is cut by Freitas, every screw is hand-tooled. The craftsmanship is fantastic, particularly in a time when craftsmanship isn’t always as valued as it should be.

Also, be sure to check out his flickr set—the process photos and sketches are as interesting as the finished works. As I mentioned in my initial post, his clocks evoke both decay and growth (appropriate for timepieces); it’s almost surprising to see that they aren’t formed by some kind of Jackson-Pollackian action, but instead require great amounts of patience and planning. It makes their spontaneity all the more impressive.


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