Jon Foster Demo

Jon Foster at ComicCon, in two parts. I really have to thank our Pablo for putting these together for us, if for no other reason than that fact that now I finally get to see what went on. I spent the ninety minutes of the actual demo poorly maintaining crowd control and just hanging back so others could see. This is my first good look at what these artists did.

Part One follows Jon as he begins, and then wipes out, a painting of a figure in motion. He mentioned later that a) the head and neck were too far off to pull it out in the short time period of a demo, and b) he gets a perverse pleasure in listening to the audience go “nooesss!”

Part Two shows him creating a very nice portrait. I may be reading more into this than there is, but I know Jon loves to sculpt. It seems to be the artform that, for him, is the most pure fun. Knowing that, I can’t help but think that he really get into this painting once there was enough gooeyness on the board to start pushing and carving into it like a sculpture.

Previous write-up, with a better picture of the final painting here.

Jon’s gallery here.


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