AbeBooks acquired by Amazon.com

A few short days ago Avram Grumer sang the praises of AbeBooks, an online marketplace for used and rare books, right here on this very site. Well, it turns out that Amazon’s been paying attention too. The 800 lb. gorilla of online sales has acquired AbeBooks in a deal supposedly worth $90-$120 million. It seems like these days, you can’t run an independent business without some bigger company gobbling you up. So let’s get these guys out of the way–complete each phrase for full credit:

I for one…
All your base…
Resistance is…

Now, let’s move on to your comments. Is this good or bad for the used/rare book market? Will this affect prices on the collector’s side of things? Will Jeff Bezos finally get his hands on his very own copy of the Necronomicon? Remember, Jeff, it’s “klaatu barada nikto


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