SDCC: Rick Berry–another three-in-one demo

I am sure Rick Berry said many insightful and inspiring things during his demo — Rick can often be insightful and inspiring — but the crowd was so thick I couldn’t get anywhere near him to hear.

Like Jon, Rick did three paintings in ninety minutes. Unlike Jon, he did them on three separate surfaces and saved the audience the heartbreak of erasing them as he went.

Rick is an intuitive painter. He’ll calmly scribble lines in and let the painting tell him where it wants to go–gently shaping it and letting the process of painting inform his decisions on tehey. It makes for a particularly dynamic demonstration, not to mention wonderfully immediate and spontaneous paintings. One look on the little girl’s face in this photo above and you can see the magic involved.

Thanks again to our Spectrum friends for the co-sponsoring of this event. And a thanks to our con neighbor, Donato Giancola, who remains remarkabley calm as wet paint starts flying two feet away from his remarkable display of original paintings.


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