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Pablo just stopped by the Tor booth (#2649!) to let us know that the Joss Whedon panel, which he was liveblogging for his twitter account, had so many great quotes and awesome revelations that he suggested I just shunt it over here. Click on the “Read More” link for an early glimpse at what Mr. Whedon has in store for us.

[More Horrible behind the cut]

(n.b. The first line below was posted at about 1:20 p.m. PDT, the last at about 2:30. Also, posts have been slightly edited for clarity)

in line for @drhorrible with @annaleen (about 1 hour ago from twitterrific)

@annaleen that was fuckt. they really should have separate lines for press. (about 1 hour ago from twitterrific in reply to Annaleen)

Nathan Fillion is hammin’ it up. “The hammer is my penis!” (about 1 hour ago from twitterrific)

@feliciaday is getting crap for twittering during the panel. (about 1 hour ago from twitterrific in reply to feliciaday)

@BadAstronomer ditto. NPH rawks! (about 1 hour ago from twitterrific in reply to BadAstronomer)

Joss: “This really was designed to be a model for a new way to put out media. A way that involves all of us; maybe not so much those *other* people.” (41 minutes ago from web)

Joss: “Dr. Horrible is about putting power in different hands: the wrong hands.” (40 minutes ago from web)

NPH gets props fro audience member for his ‘shoulder-dance’ during the freeze ray song. I agree. mad props. (39 minutes ago from web)

@BadAstronomer I think @feliciaday got intimidated into not twittering. damn. (39 minutes ago from web in reply to BadAstronomer)

NPH: “Being ‘Billy’ is like being in Joss’ mind, sort of.” (38 minutes ago from web)

NPH: “From the first moment Dr. Horrible fell into my iPhone…to breaking the interweb, it’s been an A+ chapter.” (37 minutes ago from web)

Fillion: “It’s actually shaped like a little hammer. I mean, little for a hammer. I showed Joss one time, he won’t shut up about it.” (35 minutes ago from web)

Joss: “That was a great day, Nathan. That was the day you got the part of Mal!” (34 minutes ago from web)

Joss: “The extra in the trench coat and fedora in Dr. Horrible? NOT Sarah Michelle Gellar.” (32 minutes ago from web)

Joss: “I have two ‘tricks’ with my characters- either you get outed, or you’re killed off.” (31 minutes ago from web)

Penny needs a shirt, like the ones with Dr. Horrible and Capt. Hammer on em. I’d wear one. @feliciaday FTW! (28 minutes ago from web)

Audience member question: Whedon & Russel T. Davies doing a musical Torchwood ep? That would be shiny. Alas, no. (25 minutes ago from web)

Lots of ‘moist’ jokes running back and forth among panelists. (23 minutes ago from web)

@tlcillustration we aim to please. (20 minutes ago from web in reply to tlcillustration)

Fillion’s fave musical: Little Shop of Horrors. (20 minutes ago from web)

Joss’ fave musicals: Sweeny Todd (stage) and Singin’ in the Rain. (20 minutes ago from web)

Dr. Horrible pulls chair out from under Capt. Hammer. (18 minutes ago from web)

Joss: “Nathan is one of the kindest ppl I’ve had the privilege to know.” Awww. (17 minutes ago from web)

Joss: “Also, Fillion is the smarmiest motherfucker. Shatner, your time is done.” Gorram straight! (16 minutes ago from web)

DVD features: Musical Commentary…they just finished writing the music. (16 minutes ago from web)

DVD features: Contest. Going to take video submissions from fans for the Evil League of Evil. They’ll put ten best on the DVD. SWEET!!!!! (16 minutes ago from web)

Soundtrack available for dload in a few weeks. (15 minutes ago from web)

Dr. Horrible iPhone remote: (14 minutes ago from web)

aaaand, it’s over! (13 minutes ago from web)

@annaleen that was for you. (11 minutes ago from twitterrific)


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