SDCC: First Impressions

Good morning,!

I’m David Moldawer, associate editor at St. Martin’s Press and longtime SF podcaster at the Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas podcast. I’ll be part of the team here in San Diego covering this astounding orgy of geek-hood.

My geek-gasms started early: My flight was due to depart Newark Airport at 6pm last night. As I wandered the airport corridors, I spotted a much-more-petite-in-person Jennifer Connelly, along with that tall blond English guy from A Knight’s Tale—I guess that’s her husband (if I used emoticons, this is where I’d put a frowny face).

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Figuring I was cool because I’m a SF blogger now, I was like, “Hey Jennifer, loved you in Labyrinth, you guys want to hang out in the Newark Airport food court?” And she was like, “Yeah, cool, let’s be best friends. Paul, hold my coat.”

OK, that didn’t actually happen. Connelly and Bettany were on their way to Comic-Con as well, but they didn’t end up on my flight—time will tell if she makes it to her panel, which I’m hoping to live-blog if she does.

My flight was absurdly delayed, and I only arrived at the Holiday Inn around 3 am last night (San Diego time) to find fellow blogger Pablo diligently prepping his Steven Moffat/Doctor Who post. Despite a slight case of sleep deprivation, I’m totally jazzed to be covering Comic-Con with my fellow Tor.comers. (We’ll come up with a better name than that at some point.)

Some first impressions from wandering the floor: Total sensory overload. Giant Pikachu. A live, working Stargate. Lots of Jedi, and lots and lots of girls in skimpy vinyl outfits. Many black T-shirts. Favorite booth so far: Some sort of manga publisher featuring women in nurse outfits working the table and a giant poster with an illustration of a pink-haired woman, some Japanese text, and the words “Let’s Be Perverts.”

I’m assuming something’s been lost in translation there.


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