SDCC: Q&A with Steven Moffat, along with other select media outlets, got a chance to sit down for a pre-Comic Con roundtable Q&A session with none other than Steven Moffat, Doctor Who writer extraordinaire and next in line as executive producer of the revived classic, once its current head honcho, Russell T. Davies, leaves the show next year. Here are some highlights from the video, which we’ll post shortly:

On expanding viewership in the States:

“I do think the key to that is getting your kids to realize that this is the most fun your television will do to you…It’s explosions, spaceships, babes, time travel–come on, monsters… what’s the rest of television doing?”

When asked if the show would ever depict the Doctor’s past, particularly the events of the Time War that occurred in the time between the previous iteration of the Doctor and the new series, Moffat busts out with a little Star Wars:

“When you first saw Star Wars, and that really exciting moment where they were–when Obi Wan Kenobi said “Aaaaah, the Clone Wars…” and your little child brain went “Whoa, that must be fantastic, there’s millions of clones, all identical, they were grown in vats… there’s new clones, old clones, clones falling from trees–brilliant!” Then they showed us, and it was a bunch of meetings… You can’t ever live up to something like that, can you? Some things are best being myths, and [the time war] has become a new part of the myth”.

On spoilers:

“If you want to know what happens to the Doctor, you watch Doctor Who. This is a show that motors on surprise, so we don’t give away major plot developments.”

When asked whether he’d continue Davies’ work breaking boundaries in regard to gender and sexual orientation, he states:

“I think there is a great, fantastic philosophy behind Doctor Who because it’s mostly an adventure show, but it’s a show that’s got a very open hearted, open minded view. You know that the Doctor is the ultimate liberal–by which I mean that he tells everyone what to do and he blows up the planet if we disobey! So yes, I think those values are essential, and we would agree with them all anyway, but it’s not like it’s a major strand… sometimes you read articles about ‘the sexualizing of the Doctor’ and I keep thinking: I must have missed all the good episodes!”

On the possibility of a Doctor Who movie:

“It could happen, there’s always going to be a commercial pressure to do such a thing… someone just recently referred to it as the natural next step–it’s not the natural next step. The important thing about Doctor Who is the series, and there might be other things that we offshoot from it, some of those things might be hugely important, and successful, and wonderful, but the important thing’s the series–always will be, because that’s what it is: it’s a television series, and nothing will ever be allowed to take precedence over that.”

[Video of the session below the cut]



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