SDCC: I can haz costoom?

Now, really, why do we all come to Comic Con? COSTUMES, people, costumes.

Considering some of us have problems coordinating normal-people outfits in the morning, this is no small feat.

Bought, altered, stitched, dumpster-dived, put-together-on-the-fly—these crafty Con-goers have brought their creativity and cosplay to San Diego.

What’s been your favorite Con costume? Which characters are you hoping to see? Anyone see a Death Note character, alert me pronto.

Sailor Mercury and Steampunk:

Note: Steampunk…it’s the new pink.

Alucard (from Hellsing) and self-made creation:

Japanese “fruits” fashion:

Ren already posted the X-Men family photo with the baby Wolverine. Let’s say it together…aww.

And this guy is not in costume—but he was the only one rolling around on a Segway and dodging the Preview Night crowd—so we had to capture his brilliance.

Three things one should never say to someone wearing a costume:

1. “Excuse me, what character are you supposed to be? Huh. Wait—can you spell that for me?”

2. “Hey, your costume is falling off.  I am worried.”

3. “You are not wearing a costume.  I thought…hm.”


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