Favorite Science Fiction Movie Based on a Short Story

Let’s have some fun. I’m always excited at the premise of a new science fiction movie that’s been adapted from a talented author. When science fiction stories are made into movies, it’s hit or miss as to whether the film will be good or bad. Sometimes, the movie is just fantastic. Occasionally, the movie is initially good (i.e., enjoyable) but that feeling wanes over time. And other times, the movie is just BAD.

Following is a list of science fiction movies that came from short stories. What I want you to do is cast your vote for your favorite AND your least favorite. And if something in this list is just WRONG, let me know that, too. After we finish up this poll, we’ll do another one of your least favorite short fiction movie adaptations.

Some of these movies have multiple versions, so just pick the version you like. And some of my favorite science fiction movies (like Bladeunner) come from novels, not short stories. I want to stick to short-story adaptations, however. We can go right up to novella length. I’ve included at least one horror film that I felt had enough of a science angle to be considered science fiction.

I have the poll on my blog, so just click here and head over to answer the question. Out of this list, I voted for Total Recall.


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