Welcome, Early Adopters!

In the words of Phil Lesh, we’re going to get things just exactly perfect, and then we’ll change our name to the Just Exactly Perfect Band.

Meanwhile, here in our ongoing beta test, now open to the general public, lots of things remain to be improved.  We’re aware of a wide range of posting problems–missing preview buttons, inconsistent date formats, inconsistent flagging behavior, user profiles sometimes burping out 404s, formatting problems with some browsers, and many other issues.  We’re trying to nail the worst of these in the next couple of days, but of course it’s in the nature of code that every time you fix five things, you break two or three others.  The good news is that the day that Tor.com becomes a Vingean post-Singularity machine intelligence is a fair distance away.  The other good news is that we already have really smart users who do a great job of letting us know what works, what doesn’t, and what would be a better idea.

(And if GMail can be in “beta” for four years, we figure we can hang out there for another week or two…)


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